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May 18th


Minneapolis, Minnesota

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French 75

Kimë Sprite is an avid cosplayer, gogo dancer and seamstress. She has been cosplaying and dancing since 2012 but has been dressing up since she was a little girl. From Renaissance Faires with her family to Lolita meet-ups in high school, she has always loved creating an outfit to become a new character! 

Along with dressing up, Kimë Sprite loves photography and works behind the camera for many of her own photo-shoots. She also loves bouldering and is always excited to climb walls and boulders to see the world from a higher perspective.


Kimë Sprite is very outgoing and is always down to get silly and run around the convention floor making jokes. She loves to party with new and old friends and enjoys meeting new people and getting to know them.

My nickname, Sprite,  came from a conversation between a group of friends back in college at a party house. My friend was asked to describe each of his friends as part of a dinner meal and I was described as the bubbly sprite soda to drink! The name stuck ever since (and it doesn't help that Sprite is the only soda I drink)! It became a running joke as I became known in my cosplay group as "the girl with wine in a sprite bottle" ^_^''

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