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Original Creation | Circa 2016

Renaissance Outfit

Timeframe: 3 Months


Made Items

Bought Items

Purple and pink brocade fabric, floral quilting fabric, grey dance-knit fabric, purple crushed velvet fabric, pink and blue chiffon fabric, light pink and pink ribbon, assorted synthetic flowers & synthetic moss

Pink brocade and purple crushed velvet top, arm wraps with princess sleeves, gypsy belt & panelled skirt with glued on moss and flowers

Dreads from Erinda's Synthetic Dreads, flower horned headpiece, rings, fairy dust necklace, stomach jewelry, utility belt & green dyed scarf

A Gorgeous Flower Crown

I was in desperate need of a new renaissance faire outfit when I found this BEAUTIFUL flower headband with yarn horns at Anime Central! 

It took me about 3 years of constant back and forth on designing an outfit to match the beauty of the horns, and still the final idea was a back-up after a very VERY failed attempt of an original design. 

This is by far the girliest renaissance outfit I have and I often have little girls come up and ask me if I'm a fairy princess ^_^ 


The hand-dyed green satin scarf was the last item I bought for this outfit and it pulls the entire outfit into a fantasy world!

I love  how the green scarf flows when I walk!

Photography by

Kimë Cieszynski Photography

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