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Belly Dancer Leafa

Fan Art Creation | Circa 2022

Sword Art Online

Timeframe:15 Hours



Made Items

Bought Items

White netting fabric, white-dyed green chiffon fabric, white polyester fabric, green iron on vinyl, dark green bias tape, gold adornments, blue jewel, green jewels, white trim & gold tassle

White flower headpiece, green jewel hair piece, altered gold necklace, green strapless top, white sleeve cuffs, green wrist  wraps, altered jewelry & white double layered skirt

Blonde wig, elf ears, gold necklace, white strapless bra, white high waisted bikini bottom, gold waist chains, gold head chain, gold thigh chain & green shoes

Fabric Dying & Jewelry Making

Belly Dancer Leafa relied heavily on the color of the fabrics and the jewelry to make it really stand out as a harem-style outfit.

The long layer of the skirt is made of chiffon and had to be hand-dyed to create the light green gradient effect. This took many hours and a LOT of test strips but I got finally got it to perfection and had enough dyed fabric left over to use it to create the bra top!


I also had NEVER made jewelry before and wasn't very confident in making something from scratch, so I purchased jewelry and altered it by adding the green jewels, length & connecting multiple pieces.

Fan Art Design

Photography by

Atomic Network

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