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Bikini Leafa

Fan Art Creation | Circa 2018

Sword Art Online

Timeframe: 1 Month


White cotton fabric, green silk fabric, green silk ribbon, green sequined ribbon, white lace ribbon, white flowers, red beads & brown faux leather cording

Made Items

White & green lace bathing suit trim and embellishments, hair flower, green choker, white flowers with red center & brown cord bracelet with red  beads

Bought Items

Blonde styled wig, elf ears, green contacts, white bathing suit, red bead bracelet & gold arm cuff

The Classic Beach Day Leafa

I created this version of Leafa when I attended Daisho-Con, a convention at the Wisconsin Dells Kalahari Waterpark! Bathing suit cosplays often worn there and I wanted to join in on the fun~


The outfit is rather simple so having the correct ribbons and decorative trim were essential for me. 

I hand-wove two separate ribbon trims together to create the white and green trim along the bikini top, and hand sewn ribbon and sequins to a pleated green trim along the bottom


Me & my friend Jenna at

Photography by

Archer Photography

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