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Black Rock Shooter

Cosplay | Circa 2016

Black Rock Shooter

Timeframe: 3 Months


Black pleather fabric, E6000 glue, silver spray paint, silver ribbon, thermoplastic, silver zippers, black eyeliner (for scars on abdomen), LED string lights & invisible string

Made Items

Blue flame eye piece, black cloak, black bikini top & boot flaps

Bought Items

Black wig, contacts from Uniqso, black shorts, white belt, black gloves & lifesize black gun made by close friend Andrew Data

The Bad-Ass Cosplay


Black Rock Shooter is one of the coolest, most bad-ass cosplays I've had! From the light up eye piece to the huge gun, this was the first time I had a CROWD circle me for photos and even found myself on imgur and reddit!

The eyepiece was made of thermoplastic and LED wire. The thermoplastic was cut, then heated up to melt and shape. I was able to wear it with invisible wire around my head under my wig. It lit up blue and the battery pack was stuffed into the side of my wig!

The picture that

graced the internet


Photography by

Matthew Sperzel Photography

Jason Simpson

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