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Original Creation | Circa 2015

Renaissance Outfit 

Timeframe: 3 Months


Green lining fabric, green brocade fabric, brown jersey fabric, embellished brown trim & gold buttons

Made Items

Green crop top with brown trim & paneled high-low skirt

Bought Items

Synthetic dreads by Erinda's Dreads, elf ears, whale bone necklace (a gift from my grandma), bracers, chainmail by Pendragon Chainmail, & boots from Charlotte Russe

My Signature Renaissance Faire Outfit

Brailen is my Dungeons & Dragons character! She's a warrior elf and a total bad-ass. This outfit was inspired by her attributes and abilities. 

This character is an archer and very stealthy, so I specifically made her skirt short in the front and longer in the back, this way she can run quickly but blend in with the scenery from the back. 


Brailen also has arm bracers, the ones I chose for this outfit are so cool since they are made from a faux leather but manipulated to have a wood look! It fit perfectly with the theme of an elf in the forest!


Photography by

Kimë Cieszynski Photography

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