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Original Creation | Circa 2012

Renaissance Faire

Timeframe: 2 Months


Green crushed velvet fabric, red bed sheets, floral patterned window curtains & green cotton fabric

Made Items

Red, green and patterned panel skirt, altered linen shirt to crop fit, green headwrap

Bought Items

Necklace and earrings from Claire's, linen shirt (altered to fit), green lace-up vest, gypsy belt, bell belt, wooden mug, fox tail, red and gold bangles & boots from Charlotte Russe

My First Original Renaissance Faire outfit!


No jewelry!

No gypsy belt!

No wooden mug!

A lot of this outfit (like many of my other renaissance faire outfits) are bought items from the faires, thrift stores or random finds. Continuously adding elements to my renaissance outfits is a fun way to keep my characters forever evolving

When I first made this

I have been going to the renaissance faire since I was a baby, my entire family goes at least twice a year and we all dress up!

While I had been dressing up for my many years, the outfits I had always were kind-of just thrown together...there was no sense of character.

This outfit started with a set of window curtains I found when shopping. They were made of linen with green and red paisley patterns spread throughout. My first thought was "This is it. This is the essence of my renaissance faire persona!" I bought the curtains, cut them up and created a skirt along with green and red fabrics.

Photography by

Kime Cieszynski Photography shot by Katianna C

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