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Original Creation | Circa 2020

Halloween Outfit

Timeframe: 36 Hours 


Red satin fabric, black pleather fabric, black with red sparkles velvet fabric, red netting fabric, red sparkle dance knit fabric, plastic boning & black stud trim

Made Items

Red satin bustier, black with red trim top, black skirt, red petticoat, red gloves & red bows

Bought Items

Horns and wings from Yaya Han, black and red wig, devil trident, devil tail & black thigh high boots

A Devilish Halloween

During the 2020 pandemic, I lost all motivation to do anything but this outfit finally kicked me out of that slump! It felt so great to be working on a project again.


I originally had a reference photo I was going off of but when I found a pattern by Yaya Han at JoAnns, I altered my plan to work within the pattern. 

It was fun altering each part of Yaya Han's pattern to match my color scheme and theme! Plus I learned a lot of new tricks!

Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 4.33.11 PM.png

Yaya Han's Pattern

Reference  Photo

I put a lot of effort into this outfit as I created my own bias tape, worked/struggled with boning & hand-sewn the trims.

Photography by

Kimë Cieszynski Photography shot by Mary S

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