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Foxy Kimë Sprite

Original Creation | Circa 2020

Timeframe: 3 Months


Orange embossed satin fabric, brown floral linen fabric, brown floral embossed suede fabric, white cotton fabric, white bias tape, brown bias tape, orange bias tape, white rickrack trim, interfacing, elastic, plastic boning & fox patch

Made Items

White crop vest, orange boned corset, brown gauntlets, orange skirt flap, brown skirt & thigh garters

Bought Items

Fox ears from Beastly Couture, brown wig, brown contacts from Uniqso, petticoat, brown thigh highs & black wedge boots

My Namesake in an Outfit

This outfit originally started as a cosplay for a different character that I started about 5 years earlier! I was never too invested in the cosplay and only got about halfway through the corset before saying "nah". 

Then I had a lightbulb idea when I saw the orange corset next to the brown fabric for the skirt: "THIS COULD BE A FOX!" So I went to work! 

It's a very cute outfit that is fun to wear at cons as I can run around with friends while still being all dressed up.

Photography by

Zach Mleczek

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