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GoGo Ashe

Dance Variation | Circa 2016

League of Legends

Timeframe: 1 Month


Purple dance knit fabric, E6000 glue, craft foam, gold acrylic paint, black elastic, velcro & gold trim

Made Items

Cape and hood with shoulder armor, purple wrap top, fingerless gloves, purple high waisted skirt & garters

Bought Items

White wig, contacts from Uniqso, gold bra, gold cuffs, purple thigh highs & gold boots

The Fan-Art Fiasco

When I was researching reference images of Ashe, I found a (unknown to me) fan-art version of her in alternate colors. Since I'm not a League of Legends player, and this cosplay was for a gogo team theme, I didn't know I was making the outfit in the COMPLETELY WRONG COLORS!


My first time working with

craft foam for armor

Luckily I must have had enough of the small details right that very rarely did I receive criticism from the change in colors. 

Photography by

Jonathan Maxwell

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