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GoGo Elisa

Dance Variation | Circa 2017

Tekken 6

Timeframe: 1 Month


Pink dance-spandex fabric, purple dance-spandex fabric, white tulle fabric, black pleather fabric, silver sparkle elastic, d-rings, silver ribbon, silver lace embellishment, purple-to-silver sparkle embellishment, fake flowers & hair clips 

Made Items

Flower hair clips, silver lace collar, silver chest harness, pink & purple wrap top, long gloves, pink skirt, tulle underskirt & boot wraps

Bought Items

Green contacts from Uniqso, white fingerless gloves, silver chain, black thigh highs & boots from Demonia

That's my real hair!

In my normie life, I rock funky colored hair all the time. When I saw that Elisa had a two tone pink hair color I immediately thought: I want to dye my real hair like that! That not only saved me money from not having to buy a wig but also gave me one of my favorite hair styles I ever had~


I had a blast dancing at Anime Central in this outfit, but I was dying the whole time! I did my measurements a little too small and this entire outfit squeezed me so tight all night.

My favorite gogo picture ever

Photography by

UMO Photo

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