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GoGo Sailor Jupiter

Dance Variation | Circa 2016

Sailor Moon 

Timeframe: 1 Month


Metallic green stretch fabric, white dance fabric, pink satin fabric, heart ornament, green spray paint, green elastic, pink ribbon, velcro, white tights, insulation foam & stuffing

Made Items

White jacket with puffed sleeves and green sailor middy, green halter top, pink bow & green heart, white wrap top, white gloves, green arm bands & green circle skirt

Bought Items

Brown wig, headband, brown contacts from Uniqso, white bra, green leg wraps & white gogo boots from Demonia

My First Group Cosplay!

Although I had done a lot of gogo team cosplays, this was the first time I had a group of friends come together to make a cosplay group just for fun!


It was really fun working together on the concepts and planning the photoshoots with these lovely ladies!


This wig was SO heavy! And the headband was SO tight it left a bruise in the center of my forehead for 3 days after!

Photography by

PTP Cosplay

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