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GoGo Leafa

Dance Variation | Circa 2015

Sword Art Online

Timeframe: 1 Month


Green satin fabric, brown jersey fabric, white netting fabric, white/yellow bias tape, white lace, green spray paint, white stockings, green ribbon, green elastic, silver/green/yellow jewels

Made Items

Hair flower, lace choker with green jewel, green vest with white trim, white sleeves, green arm bands, white deco bra with rhinestone designs, green skirt

Bought Items

Wig, elf ears, contacts from Pinky Paradise, leg garters, white thigh highs from Venus, white fluffies, gogo boots from Demonia

Cosplay + GoGo Dancing = My Favorite Outfits!

Hanging with my

GoGo Sisters!


At this time, I had been gogo dancing for about 3 years at local shows and was pretty versed in making outfits that allowed me to dance as well as look great!

GoGo Leafa was super fun because it gave me the chance to create a creative original outfit~ I loved finding ways to minimalize Leafa's outfit to be dance-able and a bit sexier. 

Anime Detour 2015 was my first time dancing at an anime convention and it led to me being able to dance at many more! I can't be more thankful for this event and my fellow dancers for opening this door for me~

Photography by

Nude Carbon Studios

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