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GoGo Queen of Hearts

Dance Variation | Circa 2018

Alice In Wonderland

Timeframe: 1.5 Months


Gold and red craft-foam, playing cards, black and gold striped fabric, black lining, gold trim, red ribbon, silver rhinestones, black bra & red and black diamond pattern dance fabric

Made Items

Gold & playing card in-laid crown attached to headband, red choker with heart design, black and gold striped crop jacket, black and playing card deco bra, wrap top, high-waisted skirt, & black and gold striped wrap skirt

Bought Items

White wig, red contacts from Uniqso, black bra, black fishnets & boots by Demonia

Feelin' Like a RunwayModel

I feel HELLA sexy in this outfit! When I wear my Queen of Hearts, I want to show it off! 

I double bra it when I wore this in the past, that means EXTRA push-up! And when I walk down hallways and the wind hits my wrap skirt, it flows and moves in the sexiest way!

I started creating this version of Queen of Hearts when I was asked to be a part of a "Disney Villians" gogo group! Sadly, the rest of the team wasn't able to do it. But I loved my concept so much, I continued to finish mine. 

Photography by

Nude Carbon Studios

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