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GoGo Sombra

Dance Variation | Circa 2017


Timeframe: 1.5 Months


Black dance spandex, black hexagonal stretch fabric, black pleather, black cut-out fabric, black zippers, craft-foam, black thread, E6000 & pink LED strips

Made Items

Black body suit, black pleather jacket, light up collar & fingerless gloves

Bought Items

Black styled wig, pink contacts from Uniqso, leggings & boots from Demonia

It's not cosplay if you don't cry over it

GoGo Sombra might look rather simple but this cosplay had me in tears multiple times over the 1.5 months it took to make it. 

1st Cry:

It took forever for me to create a dance variation design that still looked like the character. 

2nd  Cry:

I tried so hard to find a way to make Sombra's leggings myself but just couldn't make it work with my skills at the time, so I finally broke down and bought leggings online. 2 days later, I found out I could have bought an entire bodysuit of the outfit...

3rd Cry:

I use two different fabrics for the bodysuit. It wasn't until after I created the bodysuit that I realized the fabrics should have been switched to different areas...aka the fabric in the crotch gave me a HUGE I had to remake the entire bodysuit switching the fabrics. 

But I had an AMAZING time dancing!

Photography by

XGeek Photography

Nocturnal Underground Photography

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