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GoGo Fox McCloud

Dance Variation | Circa 2019

Star Fox

Timeframe: 3 Months


White and silver metallic fabric, black bias tape, silver ribbon, silver studs, worbla, silver spray paint & thermoplastic

Made Items

Eyepiece, red bandana, silver half jacket, deco bra, triangle belt accessories & silver boot flaps

Bought Items

Fox ears by Beastly Couture, black fishnet gloves, green bra, green high-waisted shorts, white belt, black fishnets, light-up leg piece from a friend, green thigh highs & boots by Demonia

The GoGo Outfit that EmbodiesMe

My persona is a fox and while I have never played Star Fox (this was a group theme for the event), I was SO EXCITED to create a gogo version of Fox McCloud's badass outfit!


From the ears to the eyepiece to the military color and style, I was stoked to find a way to make this dance-able and it shows in all my dance pictures how badass I felt.


The eyepiece is thermoplastic shaped and attached by worbla to the fox ear headband.

The legpiece was created by a close friend with a 3D printer, the back opens up to insert fairy lights so it will light up!

The coolest   parts

Photography by

Nude Carbon Studios

PunkByrd Arts

Hikikipori Sama

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