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GoGo White Blood Cell

Dance Variation | Circa 2018

Cells At Work

Timeframe: 1 Week

Bought Items

White baseball cap, white wig, white fishnet crop top, black bra, white jumpsuit with black straps, white fishnet gloves, white boots from Demonia

My First Completely "Bought " Cosplay

Due to time constraints, I wasn't able to craft a design AND make it, and therefore this became my first completely bought cosplay. 

A bought cosplay is a strange concept for me as I have always made my own. But I was lucky that this outfit worked for what I needed as a dance variant and fit very well. 

Scott Mellor  Wishing Me a Happy Birthday with the crowd of Soap Bubble


The rave at Anime Central 2018 fell on the exact date as my birthday! The organizers of the event brought me on stage and had the whole crowd sing me HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Photography by


PunkBurd Arts

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