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Original Creation | Circa 2018

Christmas Outfit

Timeframe: 3 Months


White with red snowflake organza, red taffeta fabric, red with silver dots velvet fabric, fur trim, white bias tape, silver trim & plastic boning

Made Items

Red with silver dot fur trimmed jacket, organza off-the-shoulder top, red corset & red skirt

Bought Items

Santa hat, silver wig, red bow with bells, white undertank & red & white striped thigh highs

My First Christmas Outfit!

This was another case of finding a gorgeous fabric and NEEDING to make something with it! 

The white organza fabric with red snowflakes inspired this cute holiday outfit and the ideas just kept pouring out. I wanted to create a fun jacket to match and add something new to my original designs. 

Photography Alert!

My brother shot these photos for me in our backyard in December, it was super nice having a jacket as part of the outfit to keep more warm!

This was my first time working with boning to create a corset, it was pretty difficult and a lot of trial and error but I love how it turned out, especially with the white and silver accents. 

Photography by

Kime Cieszynski Photography by John C

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