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Cosplay | Circa 2018

School Live

Timeframe: 1.5 Months


White dress-shirt fabric, olive green linen fabric, red chiffon fabric, orange ribbon, white ruffle trim, blue jewel, gold buttons, orange fabric paint, green acrylic paint & silver spray paint

Made Items

Red hair bows, black choker with blue gem, white button up shirt with ruffle trim, green sailor middy, green knee wraps, painted shoes & orange shovel

Bought Items

Purple wig, purple contacts from Uniqso, striped arm gloves, suspenders, green high waisted skirt with sewn on gold buttons & 3D printed knee pads from a friend

How I KeptMy Favorite Skirt


Safety Tip!

This high waisted, military-like, green skirt was one of my all time favorite skirts for my daily wear but the more I wore it, the more I washed it and...the smaller and shorter it became.

Next thing I know, this skirt is NOT appropriate for an everyday outfit! But I kept it in my closet, too stubborn to throw it out. 

I was so excited to up-cycle this skirt for Kurumi and it made the process of this cosplay a lot easier!

In order to carry the shovel throughout the convention, I glued a rubber trim around all the sharp parts of the shovel.

Photography by

Santrizos Photography

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