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Cosplay | Circa 2015

Sword Art Online

Timeframe: 5 Months


Green jersey fabric, brown suede fabric, white netting fabric, white and yellow bias tape, white lace, green and gold spray paint, white stockings, craft foam, white jersey fabric, green ribbon, yellow embellishment, green elastic, brown vinyl fabric & velcro

Made Items

Hair flower, lace choker with green jem, green jacket with lace, white sleeves and cuffs, white shirt with gold trim, underbust corset, belt, green skirt with lace trim, brown garters & white boot flaps

Bought Items

Wig, elf ears, contacts from Pinky Paradise, gold bracelets, white bicycle shorts, white thigh highs & boots from Charlotte Russe

The original Leafa cosplay that started it all!

I became known as the "Leafa girl" at the midwest conventions when I was the ONLY Leafa in a sea of Kirito's and Asuna's at a cosplay photoshoot at Anime Central! My green cosplay stood out amongst all the other characters and I was recognized throughout the convention as Leafa.


When I was asked to gogo dance at Anime Fusion a few months after Anime Central, we chose a Sword Art Online theme and I immediately started on a gogo Leafa! And thus began my ever growing collection of Leafa outfits!

Photography by

Matthew Sperzel Photography

Kime Cieszynski Photography 

Cryo Moon Productions 

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