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Lingerie Leafa

Fan Art Creation | Circa 2021

Sword Art Online

Timeframe: 14 Hours


White green chiffon fabric, green fabric dye, white floral lace & interfacing

Made Items

Flower hair piece, green chiffon lingerie & green chiffon panties

Bought Items

Blonde styled wig, elf ears & pasties

Fabric Dying Fiasco

I had never created lingerie before so I was a bit nervous working with a fabric that needed to stretch in order to be taken on and off. Luckily I found the perfect stretch chiffon fabric was white.


Originally I was working off an image and figurine of Lingerie Leafa. She has a mint green fabric and dark green lace trim. I attempted to dye the fabric a slight mint green and it turned BRIGHT GREEN! I was very upset for a bit and then decided that I would just have to work with it and switch the colors. Otherwise, I stuck to the design of the figurine and busted out this cosplay in only 14 hours!

I made the pattern for the top half of the lingerie by deconstructing a piece of lingerie that was similar !


Photography by

Archer Photography

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