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Cosplay | Circa 2017

Madoka Magica 

Timeframe: 2 Months


Pink brocade fabric, white silk fabric, yellow stretch fabric, red velvet fabric, ​red and pink bias tape, white lace embellishment, pink buttons & red ribbon

Made Items

Pink and white dress with petal skirt, red collar, petticoat, gloves, red bows & flower bow

Bought Items

Pink wig, red hair bows, red contacts from Uniqso, soul emblem from Shiny Things, knee high socks & shoes

Inside Out Fabric

I always try to step up my cosplay game by choosing intricate and unique fabrics. 

For Madoka, I looked all over for a fabric that really stood out to me but had no luck. 

Finally, I saw a bolt of fabric that was perfect! Light pink, with a romantic subtle flower design and texture. But as I looked closer, I noticed it was the wrong-side of a cream satin brocade!

I purchased the fabric and created the cosplay with the wrong side of the fabric and now I always check both sides of fabric to see what I might find! 


The  right side of the fabric

Photography by

Jason Simpson

Sun Suki

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