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Ninja Leafa

Fan Art Creation | Circa 2018

Sword Art Online

Timeframe: 3 Months


Green brocade fabric, brown pleather fabric, white linen fabric, white and yellow bias tape, green leaf embroidery, worbla, gesso, white and green paint, green beads, brown leather string, black elastic & brown fabric dye

Made Items

Flower ponytail holder, green leaf scarf, lace-up top, brown waist cincher, white ribbon with beads, brown arm sleeves, green skirt, white overskirt, brown leg sleeves & armor

Bought Items

Blonde wig, green contacts from Uniqso, elf ears, fishnet thigh-highs dyed brown, white Japanese socks,and Japanese sandals

It's always fun to create verrsions of Leafa!


My Favorite Part


"This was the first time I ever made armor! And let me tell you, that process is not an easy one. I started with cardboard and created the patterns of the pieces on my body, then I transferred those to the worbla. Creating pieces that fit together but allowed me to move was incredibly difficult and it was definitely hard to walk at times since the pieces didn't always move cohesively ."

Photography by


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