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Cosplay | Circa 2017

Good Smile Racer

Timeframe: 1 Month


White dance-knit fabric, silver dance-knit fabric, pink ribbon, clear vinyl, poly-dye, craft foam, velcro, pink jewels, pink LEDs, silver embellishments, silver puff-paint, elastic, E6000 & hot glue

Made Items

Silver & pink collar with LED gem, white bodysuit with silver designs, silver vest, silver arm wraps, silver hip attachments with pink vinyl skirt and pink LED gems, black gloves, silver thigh garters & silver ankle wraps

Bought Items

Pink wig, pink contacts from Uniqso, white shorts & boots

I can't get enough of this cosplay!

The Good Smile Racer gogo theme was an amazing idea by my fellow gogo sister Darkreila! Our entire team had a fun "vinyl-dyeing" party to give our skirts that great gradient effect. I absolutely love everything about this cosplay; the wig, the pink LEDs, the silver/pink combo, everything!


Having a blast with my Waifu Squad Sisters

My only regret is that I made this cosplay when I was so inexperienced with wearable props, LEDs and sewn on trims. I feel I could make this cosplay a thousand times better if I made it now. But I'm still very proud of myself for trying something new and enjoying every bit of it.

Photography by

XGeek Photography

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