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Artist Based Creation | Circa 2021

Concept Art by Angpo

Timeframe: 39 Hours



White linen fabric tea-dyed to cream color, purple upholstery fabric, brown stretch knit fabric, various brown textile fabrics, black velvet with gold specks fabric, fur fabric, boning, ribbon, pleather cord, various beads, gold earrings, orange stone beads, magnets, various trims, red fringe trim & cream thick twisted rope

Made Items

Brown neck corset, cream linen halter crop top, purple long jacket with fur collar, fur gauntlet, cream linen harem pants, maroon purse, brown layered distressed skirt, black string wrap & coin purse

Bought Items

Gold bicep cuff, gold wrist cuff, ornate belt & brown boots

Impressed by the Details

When I found this concept outfit by Angpo, I was so incredibly inspired and impressed! I was looking for a new renaissance faire outfit but hadn't quite figured out what I wanted. All I knew was that I wanted to switch it up from my other outfits. 

This was my first time asking an artist's permission to make an outfit that had created, so I wanted to make sure I got every detail. That meant that a lot of thought went into each decision, lots of parts of the outfit took more picky shopping and there were a lot of do-overs. 


Fun Facts :

  • I had to tea-dye the cotton fabric to get that perfect weathered look. I was so excited to dye it that I completely messed up the first pair of pants and had to go on a wild run around the city to find the same fabric again!

  • This was my first time using face paint.

  • The neck corset was way easier to make then I thought it would be!

  • The gold circle jewelry on the fur shawl are actually earrings from a thrift store. I removed the hook and dangles and sewed an orange jewel in the middle.

  • I made an entire skirt that matched the exact shape as the one in the picture and it turned out SO awful that I decided the skirt would be the one change I made. 

Photography by

Archer Photography

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