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Cosplay | Circa 2014

Panty & Stocking

Timeframe: 4 Months


Made Items

Bought Items

Blue dance fabric, white fur fabric, silver dance fabric, white trim, blue ribbon, craft foam, blue spray paint, plastic heart ornaments, spray foam, white elastic & wire

Blue heart pins, wings, choker, bows, synthetic dreads made by Syndreads, lace up top & skirt

Contacts from Pinky Paradise, petticoat, long gloves, blue and white striped stockings, petticoat & white boots by Demonia

Still stuck on those dreads

"With my first cosplay as Vanille, I found a true love for cosplay and that led to me putting in a lot more effort for my Stocking cosplay. I attempted sewing the entire outfit and created props like the wings and heart pins. This cosplay was also the first time I mashed patterns to create what the outfit needed~"


At the time, I wore synthetic dreads everyday! I still love this hairstyle very much but as I continued cosplaying, wigs became an obvious choice for accuracy. 

Photography by

Rensushan Photography

Jason Simpson

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