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Cosplay | Circa 2013

Final Fantasy XIII

Timeframe: 3 Months


Made Items

Bought Items

Pony beads, wire, orange/pink/yellow dance fabric, fur fabric, craft clay, orange ribbon, green ribbon, stones & metal

Synthetic dreads made by SynDreads, bead harness, skirt, fabric belt with hang down, fur pellet, belt & purse

Pink sports bra, altered belt, & shoes by Minnetonka

My very first cosplay!

Looking back this is a trainwreck of a cosplay, but it was the start of a fun and fulfilling hobby! I was very proud of myself that I made almost every item! 

I wore this costume at Anime Central 2013. The Saturday of this convention was my 21st Birthday!! You can see that I was celebrating with a red solo cup ^_^"

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