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Original Creation | Circa 2017

Halloween Outfit

Timeframe: 2 Months


Made Items

Bought Items

Orange spider-web silk fabric, black lace, black chiffon fabric, interfacing, black and orange ribbon & black embellishment

Lolita headband, orange crop fitted top with black trim, orange bows, black bell sleeve gloves, black top-skirt & orange "morticia" skirt

Parasol, black wig, black choker, black thigh highs & boots from Demonia

Lace, Trims, Ribbons  &More

I started this fun outfit for myself when I was super bored with no cosplay plans. I thought about how much I loved my Trixie outfit and wanted to make another halloween themed creation!

This is the ONLY time I was so go-go-go on an outfit that I finished this with 2 weeks to spare before halloween! 


I really loved creating a more "formal" style outfit. The morticia skirt, lace trim and fancy embellishments were very fun and different from my usual outfits.

Photography by

Kimë Cieszynski Photography

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