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Cosplay | Circa 2016


Timeframe: 1 1/2 Months


Orange fabric, brown pleather fabric, brown textured fabric, brown bias tape, black pleather fabric, velcro, black fabric marker, white chiffon fabric, orange and yellow spray paint & navy fabric

Made Items

Orange infinity scarf, brown collared jacket, yellow top with emblem, black gloves, brown skirt with emblem & navy tie

Bought Items

Yellow wig, purple contacts from Uniqso, dark brown shorts, brown belt, orange thigh highs, brown boots from Charlotte Russe & yellow arm guns from fellow cosplayer: Finn

WhenMy Skills Elevated!

At this time I have been cosplaying for about 3 years and had created 12 cosplays, my sewing and cosplay-planning/executing skills had grown immensely and I unintentionally showed that all off with this cosplay! 

Creating the jacket for Yang was a whole other beast. I was lucky enough to find a pattern that was similar with the sleeves and collar but otherwise I had to adjust the length, hems and alternating fabrics. This is also the first time I really focused on lining and creating a great product inside as well as outside. 


Just hours before my photoshoot for Yang at Anime Central, I was walking around with the simplest silly craft foam arm guns (while my sewing got better, my prop making hadn't). 

My friend Finn saw my props and told me she had a set of Yang's arm guns that she made herself in her room and didn't need them anymore! She gifted them to me and I STILL use those same guns today when I wear this cosplay #blessed 


Photography by

Matthew Sperzel Photography

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