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Christmas Leafa

Fan Art Creation | Circa 2020

Sword Art Online

Timeframe: 31 Hours


Red satin fabric, green crushed velvet fabric, custom made red tartan plaid silk fabric, red petticoat netting, fur trim, red, white and gold ribbon, gold trim & synthetic mistletoe 

Made Items

Red bow with mistletoe embellishment, red, green and plaid dress, fur choker and arm bands, bows, arm gloves, red petticoat & boot trim

Bought Items

Blonde styled wig, elf ears, gold star necklace & brown boots

Not Letting Any Detail Pass By

The fun thing about cosplay is creating a character that already exists and getting every detail right. Lots of times when I do gogo variations or original creations, I find myself missing the strict attention to detail that comes with cosplay. 

I was DETERMINED to get every detail as close as I could! Including hand-sewing many details, completely restyling my wig and ordering custom fabric that came a little too close to arriving too late. 


When Christmas was in sight, I decided I was long overdue for another Leafa variation and decided to work on a christmas outfit I saw her in that I absolutely loved!

Photography by

Kimë Cieszynski Photography

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