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A gogo dancer is someone that dances on stage & hypes up the crowd. You are NOT the main act of the show, that is the DJ, but we are vital to getting the crowd dancing and enjoying the event!

  • You do NOT need a dance background. As long as you enjoy dancing and can keep to a beat you will do great. This is also FREESTYLE dancing meaning there is no choreography, just simply your style of dancing

  • Ability to dance in front of a large crowd

  • Charismatic and engaging to the crowd

  • Ability to keep to a schedule and work with a team

  • Ability to make your own outfits (we will have a theme for the outfits and you must be able to make/buy your outfit)



  • A FULL WEEKEND PASS to the convention for FREE

  • Experience dancing on stage (and hopefully the ability to continue at other conventions)

  • A fun group of friends 

  • An exciting experience that I've fallen in love with so much that I can't imagine not dancing at a convention ever again!

GoGo Team Application

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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