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GoGo Rikku

Dance Variation | Circa 2018

Final Fantasy X

Timeframe: 1 Month


Gradient red-to-yellow dance knit fabric, silver dance knit fabric, blue dance knit fabric, black dance stretch fabric, tan suede fabric, orange lace trim, green jewels, silver studded trim, orange ribbon, pony beads & blue acrylic paint

Made Items

Blue headwrap, red-orange-yellow scarf, deco bra, silver bows, red fingerless gloves, tan utility belt with pouches & painted boots

Bought Items

Blonde wig, green contacts from Uniqso, green shorts & white boots

Lack of Clothing = Extra Sparkles

It was kinda easy to come up with Rikku's gogo outfit as she's already basically in a bikini, but adding the cute details like rhinestones, sparkle fabrics and trims made it super fun to work on and wear!

Orange  Crochet Trim

Silver Sparkle Fabric

Green Rhinestones

Silver Studs

I do NOT style wigs, so at this convention, I had an emergency meeting with my friend and fellow gogo sister MiryokuCosplay to help me get this wig looking right just moments before the rave!

Photography by


PunkBurd Arts

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