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Cosplay | Circa 2016


Timeframe: 1 Month


Yellow fluffy fleece fabric, red satin string & yellow yarn

Made Items

Yellow dress, yellow bow and pom-poms, boot covers & red bows

Bought Items

Wig, contacts from Uniqso, red collar & boots from Minnetonka Mocassins

A Comfy Cosplay

Neko was an incredibly simple and quick cosplay. I decided to make this outfit on a whim when I was watching the anime "K" while working on a different cosplay.

This is the cosplay I wear when I want to be comfy and just wander around~

When I'm in this cosplay I am constantly mistaken as a version of Fluttershy from My Little Pony

I thought this character was so adorable, being a cute cat-girl! But Neko has no cat ears so it took a lot of acting to personify her on the convention floors. 

Photography by

Sun Suki

Nude Carbon Studios

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