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Sporty Leafa

Original Creation | Circa 2022

Sword Art Online

Timeframe:10.5 Hours


Made Items

Bought Items

Green super soft fabric, white super soft fabric, white cord & gold sparkle iron-on vinyl

Hair tie, green and white crop hoodie, green joggers & decal on shoes

Blonde wig, elf ears, white underboob shirt & white platform sneakers

My Comfiest Sunday Outfit

Every convention I attend I always want to cosplay all three days but by Sunday I am totally exhausted and don't have the energy to get all dressed up (and usually be a bit uncomfortable). I decided to create Sporty Leafa so I can be super comfy on Sundays and all I needed to "dress up" was her wig!

I really went all out with seeing what my cricut could do with this outfit. I played with texts, graphics and different materials to create this sporty look (I even put decals on the shoes!).

This is a completely original design by me!

I did extensive research on how popular athletic brands put their graphics on their clothing. 

Photography by

GCaballero Photography

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